Facebook & Twitter Pages

With over 250 million users, Facebook is undeniably the #1 site on the web. Twitter generates over 340 million tweets and handles over 1.6 billion search queries a day. Why are these statistics important? If you are looking to successfully promote your business on the internet and through social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter are critical to achieving success.

Apollo Online creates Facebook groups and can build your corporate page on Facebook to increase your online brand awareness. We monitor discussions and offer suggestions to grow your group. We can design your Facebook page to serve as a virtual newsletter or magazine or, set it up to promote special offers, contests, blogs or customer Q&As — the options are limited only by our imagination.

For Twitter, Apollo Online will assist you in sharing what’s happening with your company. By using only 140 characters per tweet, we can offer helpful articles, videos, coupons and promotions that target your customers. As part of our service, we also will monitor keywords and trending topics, to ensure that you are “in the conversation” and that your customers and prospects “follow” your company.

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