Social Media Optimization

Today, everyone is talking on the web via social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like. To get your company and products noticed, you need to join the conversation. And, we are prepared to get the conversation started for you with our proven social media optimization (SMO) strategies. SMO is all about building relationships with your target audiences and developing a two-way dialogue. You talk directly to those who buy your products/services, getting immediate feedback on what you are offering. An effective SMO program also lets your customers do the work for you, spreading the word to their friends and contacts about what you have to offer customers.

At Apollo Online we craft SMO programs that increase brand awareness, build marketplace authority, identify the needs of your target audience, gain inbound links (IBL) and educate and inform the public on what you have to offer. As part of a comprehensive program, Apollo Online will:

  • Set up your company/product profile on popular networking sites, such as Facebook and Linkedin
  • Link your website blogs to Twitter feeds
  • Link you website blogs to your Facebook page
  • Identify trends in conversation “topics” to pull in your customer base
  • Monitor results and review customer feedback

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