Pay Per Click Strategy

Putting the right links on the right pages is fundamental to effective pay-per-click (PPC) internet marketing campaigns that get customers to visit your website. Whether your customers find you by clicking through either sponsored links on search engines or directories, or through ads placed on other internet sites, the best PPC campaigns need to remain timely and fluid – adjusting to meet market conditions and customer needs. Short descriptive phrases that are impactful, to the point and specific drive web traffic to where you want it to go. PPC strategies are a valuable vehicle for direct response marketing programs.

At Apollo Online we offer the following PPC services:

  • Setup of your PPC campaign
  • Management of PPC accounts
  • Measurement of campaigns to monitor effectiveness

Today, more and more search engines are offering premium services for an enhanced listing within their directories. Apollo Online is always up to speed with the latest releases and we’ll provide you with advice on which options are the most appropriate and effective to grow your business. We can help you to identify the companies and services that will be of greatest benefit to your business and place your adverts where they will be noticed and likely to be visited by your target audience.

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