Twitter-like Service

These days it seems like Twitter is everywhere. It’s clear that businesses and organizations need more than just email communications and are expanding to Mobile Text Message (which is much more effective than email alone).

The key difference between Twitter and Apollo Online is that Apollo offers Mobile Keyword technology which allows people to follow you without forcing them to sign up for anything. People can simply text your Mobile Keyword to 69302 to start receiving your text messages while they’re still at your cash register, webpage, event, or listening to you on the air – and that’s it!

Mobile Keyword technology first became popular because of shows like American Idol and is currently being utilized by large corporations everywhere. This same exact technology that large companies are spending thousands of dollars on is now available to you at a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind that switching to Apollo’s Mobile Keyword technology does not mean that you lose your Twitter database. In fact, Apollo integrates WITH Twitter as part of its core service. That means you can actually send text messages to Twitter followers right from Apollo.

Also, note that Apollo is directly connected to all of the wireless carriers via a 5-digit short code that we own and our deliverability is business-grade. It’s time to stop relying on a free social service for communications when it comes to your important businesses needs.

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