Texting Service

Reach 100 or 300,000 people in seconds with Apollo’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing Solution, the only texting service that allows you to extend your reach across every popular messaging channel.

No other solution offers an integrated gateway for bulk/group texting, mobile keywords, 2-way messaging, mobile voting, mobile coupons and picture messaging like Apollo’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging solution.

Are you interested in a high-impact messaging system that gives you instant delivery, an open rate of more than 90 percent, sharing of your information in a viral way and the opportunity to create and boost your positive brand image?

Then join the hundreds of small businesses, professional marketers and Fortune 500 companies that are using Apollo’s All-In-One platform to engage with highly qualified customers through the media they interact with most – their mobile phones. And when you send your SMS or MMS messaging campaign, you’ll also be able to reinforce your message with Apollo’s IM, email, social media and voice broadcast capabilities.

For the same price you’ll pay for a stand-alone texting service, you’ll get the added bonus of email marketing, recorded voice calling, instant messages, and social messaging at no additional cost and without any contracts or commitments.

Here are a few examples of ways you can harness the power of Apollo’s affordable, value-added Multi-Channel Marketing platform to ensure sales success:

Quickly build brand recognition and grow your mobile database by including your QR code or mobile keyword on a video that you post on your website and syndicate to YouTube and other popular video sites. People will opt-in to receive your information and updates when they scan your Quick Response (QR) code or text a mobile keyword like “GIANTSBASEBALL” to your short code. Send out coordinated messages using Facebook, email and SMS text to deliver greater customer engagement with your brand. Minimize missed opportunities, increasing efficiency and revenue with automated mobile text appointment reminders. Launch a last minute VIP promotion or sales alert on slow days and get immediate results.

Why not broaden your reach across every popular messaging channel? For a fraction of the time it might take to send out multiple messages and at a fee that is as low as $0.01 per text message — which also includes email, voice, IM and social media messaging services at no additional charge — you’ll dramatically improve the efficiency of your marketing program. Then you can spend more time building your business.

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