Text Blast

How do you create big business results without a multi-million dollar advertising budget? By using Apollo’s Text Blast messaging, you can send as many as 300,000 messages per hour to customers and prospects across any and all US wireless carriers. Apollo can scale your mobile marketing program to deliver the results enjoyed by some of America’s biggest corporations.

Simply integrate text marketing into your strategy, and you can reach customers and prospects who will respond to your message more quickly and consistently. Instead of hoping to realize a 0.1 to 2 percent response rate from your direct mail, email or traditional marketing program, why not maximize your results and more than 10x that return?

When you add SMS text, voice, instant messages and Facebook and Twitter postings to the mix, you’ll marvel at the number of targeted and highly qualified customers that you can reach for a price that is hard to beat.

Launching a new product or special promotion? Start out a few week s in advance with an email campaign. Then create a buzz, using social tools like Twitter and Facebook. Send an initial Text Blast message out five days in advance. On the day of your event, top it off with a final reminder and a mobile coupon for an unforgettable offer. marketing.

Using your computer, the web and Apollo’s easy-to-use Multi-Channel Marketing platform, which integrates SMS and MMS Mobile, Email, IM, Voice, and Social Media marketing, you’ll achieve the success your business deserves. With Apollo’s Bulk text, there are no limits on the size or type of messages that you can send. To gain a competitive edge, you can even create mass text messages – complete with video messaging (MMS), pictures and 2-way mobile keywords. You’ll also have access to ongoing upgrades and message credits that will never expire.

Apollo gives you the greatest set of mobile marketing features in the industry today. Apollo’s Text Blast marketing solution delivers the reliability, security and capacity you need to deliver your message to the masses. And for the same price you’d pay for any text marketing solutions, you’ll get email, recorded voice calling, instant messages, and social messaging at no additional cost.

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