SMS Marketing

New media and technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and smart phones have changed the way we communicate. Old technologies haven’t gone away, but they have become less effective as these new medium takes over. SMS Marketing and social networking, for example, have arrived in a major way, while email technology has long been proven to be effective. Apollo has introduced a new wave of effective communication for businesses and organizations to be in constant contact with their customers and members.

Meet Apollo Online’s All-In-One Multi-channel marketing and messaging. It incorporates the best of email, SMS mobile text marketing, instant messaging, voice broadcasting, and social network messaging into a single integrated user interface. Its patented technology keeps your user interface and customer database at one unified location so you don’t have to worry about numerous databases, menus, and software licenses. Think of Apollo as the “office suite” of all the messaging needs for your operations.

Apollo’s SMS Marketing platform can send a high volume of text messages as low as $0.01 per text to meet all of your needs whether you need to send out customer relationship message, newsletters, promotional alerts, or major event reminders. Promoting your events, distributing your mobile coupons, spreading good news, or holiday greetings is now at your fingertip with an easy-to-use multi-channel interface. Additionally, all your unused text messages will rollover every month & never expires. Best of all, Apollo took the biggest chore out of your project. Apollo collects your customers’ contact information automatically since you don’t have time to enter them into a computer.

Sounds expensive? Well, Apollo was designed for smart buyers like you who appreciate do-it-yourself services and don’t want to be bothered by over-priced help. It costs less than your cell phone bill, there is no contract commitment, and what you pay will not be lost simply because your marketing is taking a vacation.

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