Short Code

What’s the quickest way to get new and repeat customers to come pouring in? Run a special VIP or seasonal promotion, inviting customers to text a mobile keyword like BAGEL to your Apollo short code, a five or six digit number for mobile texting that has fast become a favorite of successful marketers everywhere.

With a read rate of more than 90 percent and a response rate of more than 25 percent, your mobile marketing campaign stands to make a greater impact on your customers than your direct mail, email marketing or online advertising program. When you invite customers to receive your special promotional offers using SMS text messaging, you’re more likely to get their immediate and positive response.

So how do you use mobile keywords and short codes to build rapport and boost sales? Apollo’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing platform integrates SMS and MMS Mobile, Email, IM, Voice, and Social Media marketing, giving you everything you need to take your mobile marketing to the next level. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll build results as people share your SMS text marketing campaign across the mobile web.

Apollo’s short code and mobile keywords can make a big difference for marketers who use them together with traditional advertising such as TV commercials, print ads, in-store displays or kiosks.

Here are some ways to create well-timed, well managed and well intended SMS and MMS messaging campaigns to keep you top of mind with your customers.

  • Be personal and brief, providing valuable insight that can satisfy customer needs in an instant.
  • Focus on engagement with news, alerts and offers that are relevant to your audience.
  • Give your customers multiple ways to opt-in by combining your
  • Mobile keyword and Short Code campaign with email marketing and online sign-up pages.
  • Deliver multiple automated replies to specific customers that you can pre-plan and change at any time.
  • Create a sense of urgency by inviting people to participate in a survey, contest or sweepstakes that is only available for a limited time. Include a strong call to action in all your marketing content, including your videos.

So, why not make your mobile messaging content and your customers’ experience top notch? Invite people to learn more about your products and services by scanning a QR Code that you place on your in-store display or delivery van. Then invite customers to join your Facebook Fan or Business page by encouraging them to text your Mobile Keyword to your short code.

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