Send Text Message

With the proliferation of mobile phones and mobile devices, quick, on-the-go communications is the method of choice for millions of people. The send text message option is very appealing.

SMS text has gone from being a novelty and a pastime for the younger generation to the easiest and most pleasurable way for all to communicate.

Because it’s not unusual for users of smartphones and other mobile devices to have their phones with them all day, every day, marketers are finding that mobile text marketing offers a much quicker and direct way to reach their target customers.

More and more traditional marketers are catching on to the fact that incorporating SMS messaging into the mix is the best way to create customer engagement and brand loyalty. While many email marketing messages stay unopened, more that 90 percent of all text marketing messages are opened. And response rates from mobile marketing campaigns tend to be ten times higher than those of direct mail, traditional advertising and even email programs.

Even ET would agree that send text message has become the new phone home.

Mobile text marketing is a cornerstone of Apollo’s Multi-Channel Marketing system, allowing customers to opt-in to receive updates from a variety of businesses by scanning a Quick Response (QR) Code or texting a mobile keyword like “express” to a shortcode like 69302.

Multi-Channel Marketing solutions like Apollo’s All-In-One platform, which features mobile text marketing capabilities along with IM, email, social media and voice broadcast capabilities, give small businesses and companies the opportunity to quickly build connections with target customers for instant results.

What are some ways that you can launch a successful SMS text marketing campaign for repeated and measureable results?

Use every opportunity you have to list your mobile keyword and shortcode. From in-store displays and signage to brochures, flyers, newspaper ads, direct mail and postcards, each represents a chance for your potential customer to opt-in to your mobile database. Supercharge your business card with a unique two-dimensional Quick Response (QR) Code so every connection you make can automatically be turned into a new contact in your opt-in mobile database with every scan. Gain and keep your customers’ faith by consistently sending them value-added information and offers so when you do want to produce instantaneous results, you will have already captured their attention. Let people share and spread the news about your offer through social media channels.

With Apollo, send text message like phone home means peace-of-mind, knowing you can work with one vendor, send one message and reach a variety of customers via multiple channels. Apollo’s All-In-One platform integrates every popular messaging channel — all for a low per text message price plus email, voice, IM and social media messages at no additional charge.

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