Mass Text Messaging

Whether you are running your own business or marketing at a corporation, it’s your job to build your brand, drive sales and share information as efficiently and affordably as possible. So how do you communicate your message and keep pace with your growing base of customers, group members or subscribers? With Apollo’s mass text messaging capabilities you’ll never miss a beat. You’ll reach more people with your offers, mobile coupons and alerts in a shorter time frame – all for less than you might spend on other more traditional marketing channels.

One music retailer quickly built a following of 10,000 by inviting readers of the company’s blog, social media sites, flyers and ads to text its Mobile Keyword “Believe” to its Short Code.

Organizations of all sizes are using Apollo’s mass text messaging capabilities to:

  • Send up to 300,000 text messages per hour across all major US carriers.
  • Leverage pricing that is as low as $0.01 per text that rolls over and never expires.
  • Launch a last minute VIP promotion or sales alert on slow days and get immediate results.
  • Achieve the same or better results as large corporations, building brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Minimize missed opportunities, increasing efficiency and revenue with automated mobile text appointment reminders.
  • Enjoy response rates that are ten times greater than those typically achieved via direct mail, email or advertising programs.
  • Encourage your potential customers to automatically join your database by scanning your Quick Response (QR) Code on posters, billboards and flyers.

You can also take your mass text messaging one step further. Apollo’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Marketing platform integrates SMS and MMS Mobile, Email, IM, Voice, and Social Media marketing, giving you all the resources you need to be more responsive to your customers, prospects and employees. By being able to simultaneously update your Facebook status and send IMs and emails each time you send out a mass text messaging campaign, you’ll be saving time and boosting your chances of engaging more customers more often.

For the same price you’d pay for stand-alone mass text messaging programs, you’ll get the added bonus of email marketing, recorded voice calling, instant messages, and social messaging at no additional cost and without any contracts or commitments.

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