2-way SMS

Send and Receive SMS Text Messages from any Computer or Phone

APOLLO’S TWO WAY TEXT MESSAGING PLATFORM allows you to send and receive SMS text messages from any web browser or phone, and gives you complete flexibility in managing all of your incoming and outgoing messages.

  • Easily type a message on your computer to chat with individuals or entire groups of people with a click of a button
  • Send and receive text messages from any mobile phone
  • Recipients of a text blast can simply reply back to the text message and their responses will be captured in your Apollo Inbox or forwarded to an email or mobile phone of your choice
  • Quickly export out all of your collected mobile numbers, replies and messages from your Apollo account to an Excel file
  • Save a complete history of all your messages and threaded conversations
  • Send out regular, scheduled, automated, and recurring messages to individual(s) and group(s)

Perfect for:

  • Event coordination and RSVPs
  • Feedback and Surveys
  • Trivia and Contests
  • Reservation and Appointment Reminders
  • Important Alerts and Notifications

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